Searching for the Best Podcast: What Makes the Best Podcast?

Everyone loves a great podcast and great podcasts are everywhere. But what makes a podcast great? And what makes one the Best Podcast? There are many different attributes that can increase the listing value of podcasts. We want to know from you, what attribute makes a podcast the best? Is it frequency of episodes, live recording, content, quality host or sound quality?
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Searching for the Best Podcast

Live Recording

One of the best things a podcast publisher can do to increase value is to record episodes live. Some podcasts will implement chat rooms where listeners can form communities and find friends. Chat rooms allow for listener interaction between the host and the listeners. Sometimes a chat room can save an episode. Hosts can conveniently turn to the chat room for help in the middle of an episode. It allows for immediate feedback from listeners and a larger knowledge base than just a host and guests can provide. One example of a podcast community is the TWiET Riot. The riot frequently helps in researching, correcting, or creating during the episode recording process.

Frequency of Episodes

Not all podcasts operate at the same pace. Some podcasts will provide daily episodes and some release podcasts once in a blue moon. Having a regular release schedule helps maintain expectations and provides regular content for listeners. After all… do most people listen to one podcast at a time or do they binge and listen to multiple in one setting? Having regular content allows users to download and listen to podcasts how and when they want to. If you love a podcast, it can be great knowing that you have many episode to look forward to listing to.


You can publish podcasts regularly but if your content is sub-par then no one is going to enjoy it. A great podcast is built upon a strong foundation of captivating content. It should be content that you resonate with. The content should define a podcast without looking at the title or diving into the description. You can always tell when people put a lot of work into preparation and content for a podcast. One example of great preparation and content is by Andrew Warner from Mixergy. Andrew spends a lot of time and resources to vet and know his guests before he interviews them. It also allows him to be on his toes and lead his guests through a dance that is the Mixergy podcast.

Sound Quality

It may sound superficial but sound matters. You could have wonderful content, but if the host or guest have poor equipment or a bad connection, it can greatly reduce the enjoyment of podcasts. Most people have great equipment these days but some go to extra lengths to ensure a top-notch production quality. Producers will sometimes ship quality microphones to guests before a show to ensure the best recording experience. Some will spend thousands and millions of dollars in equipment dedicated to flawless production and even build studios. There is nothing worse than not being able to understand or follow a podcast due to poor sound quality or a poor connection.

Quality Host

A host not only has to sound great, but they have to be captivating. A podcast host can make or break a podcast. Some of the best podcast have incredible speakers. They don’t talk to you about a topic but they take you through a palpable narrative. You not only hear the podcast but you can actually experience their topic. A great delivery is something that sound quality, delivery, and content have difficulty beating. After all… The host is the voice and star of a podcast. TED Talks not only have great, captivating content but they have a new captivating speaker each episode. The speakers breathe life into each podcast and don’t be surprised if a TED talk makes you cry.

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